A Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band

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Join us Thursday April 18th at Michael’s on Main in Soquel, CA

“From the opening Grateful Dead jam to the Freestone Peaches effortlessly channeling the Allman Brothers, the gig was unstoppable.” - TheBayBridged.com

”Tremendous show!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again!!! Felt like I was in Ludlow’s Garage! So fn great, guys! I’ll keep coming, book more gigs “ - Richard B.

”Outstanding night of Allman Brothers, music 🎶 covered by Freestone Peaches, a great bunch of players, @ the Ashkenaz! The joint is jumpin’! “ - Gloria D.

”Freestone Peaches rocked Ashkenaz tonight, all songs from the Duane era. in 2018, hearing a full set of Allman Brothers Band music is very satisfying; not just nostalgic, more like a therapeutic healing thing.” - Jon S.

”Saw you guys last night at Don Quixotes Felton. Huge AB fan and you guys nailed it.” - Trudy K.


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